Pretty Buzzy

by XfrankgrimesX

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Second (and final) release by Christchurch powerviolence band XfrankgrimesX once again delves into the depressing nature of modern life, covering a diverse range of topics including vending machines stealing your money, getting nits and looking like Robert Smith when you cut off your dreads, the horror of public transport and pizza places that still can't cut eight even slices.

Album is free to download (though we'd love a donation to try and pay back the recording costs) and comes with all the album artwork if you want to make your own hardcopy, or just check out our sweet collage, so do that instead of downloading every track, it just makes more sense.


released December 17, 2011

Recorded and mastered by Mikey Summerfield

XfrankgrimesX is:

Aidan - vocals
Ben Brown - vocals
Ben R - Guitar
Sonny - Bass
Lance - Drums




XfrankgrimesX Christchurch, New Zealand

Bored one afternoon a group of friends decided to start a powerviolence band where they could write songs about subjects that mattered to them. No metaphors, no politics, no poetic bullshit. Emerging from the Christchurch earthquakes and being influenced by bands like Spazz and Charles Bronson they have played up and down New Zealand, disappointing people just as life has disappointed them. ... more

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Track Name: Bongrip Shop Trip
I went to the supermarket to buy a loaf of bread
and I ended up with coco pops and an apple pie isntead.
I went to the supermarket to buy a thing of juice,
but instead I got some grain waves, snickers and a chocolate moose.

Ginger beer, foccacia bread,tiny cheese, nutella spread,
chocolate milk, onion rings, carrot cake, so many things to buy.

This is why you dont shop high, so much delicious food to buy.

Smoke some weed, eat some food.
Weed is mean, food is good.

Om nom nom nom nom.
Track Name: Kinder Surprise Attack
Chocolate milky goodness with a little surprise inside
When I found I got a puzzle I almost fucking cried

All I wanted was a toy just like any other boy
Left with a shitty chocolate egg. I wish I was dead.
Track Name: Party Shirt
I like to wear a lot of black
'cause I have a lot of fat,
but when it's time to drink a lot
there's only one shirt I got.

Party shirt!
Let's get drunk.
Party shirt!
Let's get crunk.

I like to wear bands on my shirts
to show that i'm a punk rock nerd,
but on weekends i'm only trying
to look like a big fat hawaiian.
Track Name: Dumbinos
Pizza slicers aren't hard devices.
So why can't you get it right?
Eight even pieces would be nice.

Dominos sucks

Mr Wedge - You fucked it up
Vegorama - You fucked it up
6 Meats - You fucked it up
Godfather - You fucked it up

I've looked right into your eyes and I know you're dead inside
But do you think you perhaps could just this one time get it right?
Track Name: Snackless//No Snacks
Open up the cupboard,
we have no snacks.
A mueslie bar, biscuit, bag of chips
is all I really ask
I can see soya sauce,
tin of kidney beans,
but the empty packet of oreos
is what really hurts the most.
No snacks, no snacks. Snackless, no snacks.
We have no snacks. Snackless, no snacks
Just bread. Brown bread.
Track Name: Cookie Cutter
Two dollars in, disappointment out.
The cookie hangs while I go without.

I paid for you you belong to me.
The next guy gets one for free.
Customer service, put on hold.
Cookieless depression feels so cold.

Fuck you cookie.
Track Name: Birds of a Feather Punish Together
Starting off the night real slow,
before the booze start to flow.
Then you get those saucer eyes,
now you're the one that I despise

Face turning red,
clawing at my shirt,
yelling in my ear,
if only you'd pass out.

But you'll suffer the final revenge
on the walk home my annoying friend.
Booze wears off as you hear chirping
and begins "the true punishing".
Track Name: The Wheels On the Bus Go Fuck.My.Life
Don't have change, drivers mad at me.
Sitting next to the guy who smells like pee.
Beady eyes staring at me.
Why don't you sit where I can't see you?

Gangster scribbles all over the glass.
Shouldn't you fucking kids be in class?
Chris Brown ringtones still don't hide
talk of who got fingered at lunch time.

This would be better if I was drunk, probably, but probably not.
Track Name: Pacific Thrash Vortex
I don't throw rubbish in the sea
and I know that I won't now.
I saw this shit on the tv
and it buzzed me the fuck out.

The sea is full of plastic.
That is not fantastic.
Track Name: Gallery of Cramped Thighs
I don't want to go to the gallery,
I want to stay at home and play.
I hate looking at paintings,
they all look fucking gay.

Last time we went my legs got really sore,
so I threw a tantrum and sat down on the floor.

I'm 18 dad, I can do what I want.
Track Name: The Meteors are Consistant
I know you like the meteors,
in fact I think I've heard you say
that they're just the best band around
but I would disagree.

I see how you like it.
It is quite consistant.
But psycho billy
is just a wee bit silly.

If they just stopped worrying about their quiffs
maybe they would write more interesting riffs.
Track Name: Robert Smith Gave me Crabs
Years spent building my keratin cred,
but just one invasion to strike it all dead.
Clawing my head til its bloody and raw.
This scalp scratching nightmare I cant take no more.

Tiny blood sucking parasites here to suck my crust powers away.
Insanity through excessive itchiness and only one way to make them pay.

Crust punk robert smith.
Drink red wine, smoke a spliff.
Modern day hipster quiff.
Fuck the cure and fuck my life.
Track Name: This is What it's Like When Jaws Collide
Down the bottom of every bottle
there's a man with arms wide open,
six feet from the edge and he's thinking
are we having fun yet?

Eddie Vedder, Scott Stapp, Chad Kroeger,
you're all crap

Pearl Jam are such a bore.
So much to answer for.
I cant take anymore.
The sound of one man's jaw.
Track Name: Dream On James Bond
No greater man will ever be narrator for the BBC.
Filling my days of tv with your knowledge of biology.

I could watch you every hour, trippy insects and buzzy flowers.
Life in cold blood to life of mammals, Attenborough on every channel.

Grass is growing and im waiting in anticipation
for your softly spoken scientific explanation.

David Attenborough,
you're quite thorough.
"Nature themes"